Change, From the Outside In.

Local Food,
Global Purpose.

Vertical farming and hydroponics grown in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Growing fresh food and changing the way we eat.

 Avert™ Vertical Cultivations was established in 2019 as a hydroponic farm that produces fresh, safely grown produce locally. Lettuce, herbs, and other vegetables are grown vertically in a controlled environment that uses less water and less nutrient runoff. The result is fresh, longer-lasting and better tasting produce.

Tomatoes growing on a vine

What we’re currently growing:


Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Beefsteak, Cheery and Grape Tomatoes, Mini Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Jalapenos, Herbs, and other Vegetables. 


We are suppling Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill and FireWorks Restaurants with red and green leaf lettuce.

Testing Phase

Herbs and Strawberries

Controlled Environment

By creating and maintaining an ideal growing environment, we harvest food year-round, optimize its flavor and texture via customized nutrient ratios, and decrease the time it takes to grow. With the ability to harvest routinely, we can provide consistently higher quality food.


By controlling the environment the plants grow in, we farm using less water and less nutrient runoff. Because our food is grown and available locally, we have a much shorter supply chain. This translates to fewer trucks, shorter delivery distances, and reduced waste. 

Healthier, Happier Greens

By growing locally, we can provide fresher, longer-lasting greens. The result is a product that looks better, tastes better, and lasts longer, which leads to less food waste and, ideally, healthier eating.


Year-Round Growth

Indoor farming means being able to offer, safe, healthy, locally-produced food year-round. Without having to worry about climate limitations or growing seasons, we can produce and harvest food faster, meaning more abundant, healthier food.